Artizan International  Sq Card - Large Butterflies

Artizan International Sq Card - Large Butterflies

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Exquisite Ecuadorian fabrics paired with premium card which has been hand-made by differently-abled artisans in Ecuador from recycled paper and banana leaves. All card designs come in a range of colours and each is sent with a bright coloured envelope. Every card is unique, depending on the fabric selected, and is signed on the back by the maker.  105mm x 150mm.  They also provide workshops for differently-abled individuals in the UK.

Artizan International Provides Crafts Training & Employment Overseas

Establishing craft-based social enterprises in the developing world, to provide training & employment for differently-abled people, who would otherwise be living in poverty and social isolation.  They aim to change attitudes towards disability within the local community.

Artizan International (formerly Craft Aid) is currently developing projects in Peru and Ecuador, based on the Neema Crafts Centre model they pioneered in Tanzania.  Find out more about their projects in Peru and Ecuador at