Paper High  Buffalo Leather Cable Organiser

Paper High Buffalo Leather Cable Organiser

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These leather cable organisers are a brilliant way to store your cables and wires when travelling, never will they have looked so good or been so well organised!

Wires and cables can be stored in the roll using the leather bands to secure them in place. Fold the flaps over then roll up the leather and secure with the wide leather strap. Simple and stylish. 

The leather cases are made with Buffalo leather, a beautiful hard-wearing leather that is treated and oiled to become sturdy and showerproof. The leather is produced using traditional methods which allows the leather to retain its character. You will find that each product has a slightly different finish because of this, we love that each of our leather bags is unique whilst always maintaining a high-quality end result.

 Approximate dimensions: 33 x 18 cm (13 x 7 inches)